“Wife or party party”: how a stranger saved my family

Sometimes help comes from who does not have to do good at all. My grandparents knew this. After all, the decision, made by an unfamiliar party worker in the distant 1941, saved my family.

Grandma shared with me this story when I was 13 years old. It is amazing that, besides me, no one knew about this in our family. Now I understand: this was our special memory with my grandmother, that the Voice of

one person can solve a lot of things even in the most terrible historical periods.

My grandmother, Emma Aleksandrovna Ramikh, a nee Volga German, was in Azerbaijan as a child: her family moved there because of the Volga rushing in the Volga region, in her homeland, hunger. She entered the Medical Institute in Baku and in her first year fell in love with the young engineer-Azerbaijani, and later, in 1940, she married him.

For her family, in which, despite the shocks of the two revolutions, they honored traditions and chose only representatives of the Lutheran faith in the spouses, it was a desperate act. However, relatives, knowing the stubborn nature of their girl, have reconciled with her choice.

Then they still did not suspect that in a year, in 1941, because of the war, the newlyweds would be in the position of potential enemies. By that time they had already born a daughter, my aunt. Grandfather worked as an engineer-neft, was engaged in the supply of fuel to the front. Grandma was a children’s doctor: she treated the kids in mountain villages. But, despite all her merits, at that time to be an ethnic German meant being suspected. But what if she “extends to the side of the enemy”?

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